Copal Plus



"There is a book always open for all eyes: nature." Jean-Jacques Rousseau

 We have an ambitious landscaping Project that will safeguard the exotic vegetation within Aldea Zama. Copal Tulum will enhance the assortment of wild flora species, which will harmoniously supplement the lush jungle of the Project which will encompass a holistic experience with nature. Proposing a relaxing atmosphere that will enhance the existing natural habitat, placing Copal Tulum in the forefront of Eco-luxury architecture


Beach Club Agreement

What better show of love than a Kiss?

Meet our Agreement with the best Beach club of Tulum,

Beso Beach Tulum

The Beso chain is, undoubtedly, an obligatory reference and one of the most famous in Ibiza & Formentera

That is why we have established a beneficial alliance for our investors, with advantages whilst they are here in Tulum, as well as to consolidate Copal Tulum as the favorite Project for Vacation Rentals

amongst the different benefits that we offer you’ll find:

  • Free Guaranteed access to Beso Beach Tulum showing your Card Guest

  • Special promotions

  • Priority in the purchase of tickets for events in Beso Tulum

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